Monday, June 15, 2009

Gatten Kiddo Pictures

Just a few pictures of our growing kiddos. P.S. I need blogging lessons. There has got to be an easier way to post pictures and write than my current method. Brady age 1 :) He is our happy walking eating machine. He is at a supper fun age. He gets lots of love and attention from his brother and sisters.
Silly Sally age 3. Loved her swimming lessons. Finallly she had somewhere to wear her swimming suit. If she had her way she would never take it off:)Jackson age 5, with Hunter and Caden, two of his favorite kindergarten pals. Kate age 7. What would we do without her:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brady Steven Gatten

Thurday, April 17, 2008. 8lbs 3oz, 20.25 inches. Kate meeting Brady for the 1st time.Sally holding Brady for the first time. She could have held him all day.Jackson and Brady. We think Brady looks like his big brother.Two very handsome boys!I had to show this picture. It has been a tradition of ours to take a picture in the parking lot on our way into the hospital. SinceTim planned on meeting me at the hospital a couple of ours after I checked in I didn't think I would have a picture to show Brady when he was older of what he looked like just before we had him. But I found a guy in the parking lot to take my picture. I'm sure he must of thought I was a little strange.
Waiting for baby to be born. I sure am thankful for epidurals:) Brady was born at 9:05 pm. We had a little midnight party in the hospital with John, Brynne, Mikin, and Papa (Steve). We had an early departure from the hospital since we were about to become roomates with another family. It actually has been really nice to be home and it feels like a little vacation. Kate, Jackson, and Sally are having a great time with Nana and Papa. Thank you Nana and Papa.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tim's family renioun over Christmas in Hope, Idaho. All of the Gatten's were there except Spike who is serving a mission in Brazil.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

What a Wonderful Surprise!

I haven't blogged for a while. Reason being is that I'm pregnant and I don't do much of anything in the first part of pregnancy except complain. But I am happy to report that I'm feeling wonderful. It's always at this point where I look back and realize, I really was sick.

Since we moved into our house, almost 2 years in February, it has been pretty much empty. It hasn't really bothered me because I have just been so happy to have a house of our own, a garage, and space to put everything. Tim and I have talked a little bit about what we would put in our great room to fill the space and I have showed him a few times.

Well thanks to Kim, his little helper, they were able to somehow have the couch I had been dreaming of and a rug all in place in our great room when we returned home from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah.

Now the tricky part is how am I ever going to come up with a surprise as good as this for Tim?
This is a picture of Kate, our table that my friend refinished, and the carmel apples we made for neighbors and friends for Christmas. This table was given to us by Tim's parents when we moved into our house. It helped feed the 9 Gatten children for many years so it needed a bit of a face lift.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Family Pictures-or atleast an attempt

Thanks to Cassie we have some new pictures of our family. We are not the easiest subjects. We couldn't get Sally to sit for a second. We tried to form the picture around her. Not the greatest idea-you get some pretty strange angles.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Britsh Columbia Canada -1st Ever Tim and Lizzy Gaten Family Vacation

I can't believe it but we took a family vacation without attending a family reunion or to visit family. We had a blast! Since we were in the car a lot, we had lots of time to remenis about our family vacations when we were young.

"The Glass House" Amazingly this house was made completely of old formaldehyde bottles. The man who built it was a retired mortician. He actually lived in the house for many years. Now his family gives tours of grandpa's house.

Each day of our trip we went swimming at a different hot springs. Our first hot springs stop was Ainsworth Hot Springs. Our kids swimming abilities improved a lot after a week of soaking in different pools.

It is always amazing to me what our kids will do for an ice cream. Tim is "Mr. Briber". I guess you got to do what works.

I sure love my Jackson. This is a picture of him filling his pockets with flowers for me. Jackson's favorite part of the trip was the Ferry rides.

Sally made camping interesting. The first night we camped she screamed on and off all night long. The next morning a woman said, "So that's the baby who kept everyone up." We also tried staying in hotels to avoid the screaming. Didn't work:)

On the last day of our trip we went to the historical Fort Steel. I think this was Kate's most favorite thing we did. She was practically running to the next thing that they would act out or teach you about. We learned about a women's work, panning for gold, what a black smith would do, how to pack a team of mules and the list goes on. We thought our kids would last a few hours. but to our surprise they loved it. Basically every 15-30 minutes you could go to another spot at the fort to see how things use to be a 100 years ago. This is a picture of our kids at the school.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy 34th Tim

This was Tim's 34th Birthday. The Dance family came over and we had some good old chocolate cake and Tim's favorite Papa John's Pizza.
Sally Eating Pizza

Kim, baby girl, Tom, Tim and Kiddos.

Kate made homemade hats for everyone